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My practice is based on a client-centered, existential, and interactive style, Integrative Gestalt Therapy. 

This style of therapy is holistic (body-mind) oriented and is suitable not only for a wide range of psychological challenges but also for personal growth. 

I offer psychotherapy and counseling for individuals and couples in English, Russian and German,  

in presence, online, or in combination.


There are different reasons why you may look for psychotherapy. Whether it's just a vague feeling that something is not right, a difficult memory or a feeling that won't go away, a desire for profound change, or an attempt to make sense of life when change has imposed itself - I will support you on this journey and we will go at your pace.

I strive to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental space where together we can collaborate on appropriate ways to address your challenges, such as:

​- Emotional regulation and Stress management

- Depression and/or Anxiety

- Relationships Issues

- Confidence and Self-Esteem

- Identity and Belonging

- Life Transitions

- Loss and Grief

- Traumatic Experiences



Experience being

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